13 June 2022

Gig Photos

Last Friday was the first round of the local battle of the bands at Krakatoa. I went along (and brought camera with me). It was nice to see things getting back to something resembling "normal".

I am definitely out of practice taking pictures. Most were really poorly framed, and I really should have mixed up the lens used to get some variation - I took 4 lenses with me but didn't bother actually changing off the 50mm f1.1 that was on the camera when I started. This was the first time I'd taken that lens to a gig, I was impressed with how much light it was pulling in and letting me get reasonable ISO and shutter speeds despite the low light. I think could have actually got better results stopping it down a bit to get sharper images.

Got a few pictures that were OK and one that I'd go as far as calling good:

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