26 May 2023

More Pictures

I have finally gotten round to processing pictures I shot at a few gigs last month.

Toxik Ephex + The Eddies + Mark Ayling on 7th April

Numbskulls + Cuttin a Rug + 8bit Psych on 15th April

Atomic Mother + Blackfyre Rising + History of Concrete on 28th April

That has me caught up on the queue of pictures waiting to get processed - so I will have to take camera down to Krakatoa this evening.

I'm mostly liking the A7R, but there are a couple of things I miss from the GX80. On the GX80 with manual lenses I would usually put it in aperture priority mode and let it pick shutter speed and ISO, and it did a reasonable job of those, the A7R was picking way too long a shutter speed when I did that, and I couldn't find a way to set any limits on what it should use, so have been having to do manual setting of shutter speed. I also can't seem to get a histogram in live view, only in playback once the shot is taken, with the constantly changing light of a gig that isn't much help. I need to change my thinking on framing a bit for this camera: I've now got plenty of resolution to crop in a bit when processing so should be shooting looser to give space to pick final crop when processing. Quite a few of pictures in above galleries would have been better with a bit more space - and there are a few that didn't make it into the gallery as they chopped body parts awkwardly. This is holdover from the GX80 not having enough resolution to crop much before it starts looking bad. A7R has enough resolution that cropping down to ¼ of frame is still more pixels that a 4K screen.

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