7 April 2023

New Camera

I have gotten myself a new camera. A Mk 1 A7R. It is quite a long way from actually being new: about 10 years old. So, older than my old GX80 that it is replacing. But full frame and 36 megapixels vs. 2x crop and 16 megapixels so mostly quite an upgrade. I've been lusting after one of these since they first launched and when I saw one on mpb for £230 I clicked the button (they still normally fetch around £500, this one has some issues).

I took it out to a couple of gigs at Krakatoa last weekend, and have now got round to processing the pictures from that.

I don't have any native Sony lenses yet. Using the various PK and M42 manual lenses I've collected since I got the GX80 and started playing with vintage lenses. I'm considering getting the Sony 18-50 PZ to use the A7R for a walking about camera, but not sure if it would be worth it for the few occasions I might take a real camera out rather than just using my phone but don't want to take a better lens.

Tags: lenses lens camera photography music