03 September 2016


I was thinking today that I haven't been doing much photography lately. Given I had a bit of free time the obvious thing to do would have been to get out my camera and take some pictures.

I don't like to do the obvious thing.

Instead I started thinking about a process to get me taking more pictures. I decided I should set myself a schedule that I can keep to of shooting something. I've previously tried a daily schedule (with a group all shooting on the same theme each day) but within a week I got distracted by other things and then forgot about it. This time I think I'll try weekly.

With that decided I needed an idea of some subject matter. For the few days I stuck to the daily shooting I quite liked getting a theme and having to find something to fit it. I tended to interpret the theme quite loosely, but it was a good starting point.

So, rather than actually picking up a camera this afternoon I have assembled a list of themes and put together a website to pick one from the list.

Tags: photography code procrastination